Freedom without restrictions and limits

Sphere Custom Fields

With our Custom Fields feature, you enjoy full freedom and can modify all modules and components in our Headless CMS as you wish or develop them yourself from scratch.
Sphere Dashboard Editor
Sphere Dashboard Settings
Sphere Dashboard Editor
Sphere Dashboard Editor
Sphere Dashboard Editor
Sphere Dashboard Editor
Sphere Dashboard Settings

Headless functionality without limits.

We think that the maximum result can only be achieved when there are no limits.

That's why you can customize and design modules and components in our headless CMS as you need them. Without restrictions and without limits.

Customizing first

Flexibility from start to end

We know that every project brings different tasks and challenges with it. That's why it's important to use tools that don't limit you in your work, but provide support. This is exactly where Sphere comes in.

Your ideas, your structure

You decide how the structure of your data should be. Create as many content blocks as you like according to your ideas.

Reusable Content Blocks

Create reusable content blocks to achieve perfect results even faster. It's fun.

Usage of form fields

Sphere comes up with a huge range of differnt form fields. Just grab them and create something awesome.

No layout is too complex

It doesn't matter how complex your layout is. Sphere Custom Fields offers you unlimited possibilities in design.

Developers love the freedom they get with Sphere Custom Fields

You alone decide about components and modules and can build a tailor-made headless CMS solution. This gives you time to concentrate on the important things.

Very easy and powerful
We really like working with Sphere. It's fun to work with and really easy. We create full page layouts in minutes and pass them to our content team to fill with real content.
Anton A.
Finally a really good tool
We have been looking for a headless CMS that we can fully customize for quite a long time. Now we finally found it with Sphere.
Sandra K.
Best tool I know so far
I have tried many different tools and I can say that Sphere is the best tool I have come across.
Michael U.

Start now into a new era with our Headless CMS

Meet one of our employees and start directly with your new web project.

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