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Sphere Headless CMS

Manage and structure your data at it's best and provide your content to any frontend. Websites, eCommerce, mobile apps, or any other applications.
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Why choose sphere for your next project?

Aren't you also constantly looking for a suitable CMS system with which you can handle all your projects? Sphere not only offers you an extremely flexible CMS system with which you can easily structure and manage all your data, but also offers you the option of connecting to any front end with the headless approach.

With our built-in editor, you can create your pages, posts, products, news, etc. with predefined content blocks. For more complex sections on your site, simply use the Custom Fields function, which gives you complete freedom to design your content. But not only pages and posts, you can also manage everything else such as menus, global texts etc.

Who can work with Sphere Headless CMS?

Component based headless CMS for everyone.

Frontend Developer

Sphere is a blessing for all Frontend Developers out there. You've never had so much fun creating a website

Mobile Developer

You love to code mobile apps of any kind but always looking for a suitable Backend? Sphere is your friend.


Your Agency is working with Freelancers or external Developers? You can manage your data in Sphere and provide an API to your Developers.


You don't want to decide which system your website will be developed with? Then you've come to the right place at Sphere. Because with Sphere you can change your frontend at any time without having to restructure your data.

Get to know us and our incredible product

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